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May 3, 2015

It is said that the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Argo, starring Ben Affleck and directed by him as well, fits quite aptly in this maxim . Argo is a true story of US efforts to rescue six of its diplomats stationed at the American Embassy in Teheran , who are holed up in the Canadian Ambassador’s residence to protect themselves as a result of the seige of the American Embassy by Iranians in April 1979 at the height of the Iranian revolution following United States’ decision to grant asylum to the ailing ex-Iranian ruler, King Shah whom the Iranians want returned to be tried and hanged . A veteran CIA investigator Tom Menzes ( played with great aplomb by Ben Affleck ) then takes it upon himself to rescue the diplomats in an unbelievable manner, by presenting himself and the diplomats stuck up in Teheran as producer/director/actors of a fictional sci-fi movie ARGO and getting everyone issued with Canadian passports , although the powers that be in Washington DC were pushing for a military offensive . The beginning of the movie is as hair raising and heart stopping as its climax . The film was nominated for seven (85th) Academy Awards and won three: for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing. Viewing very highly recommended.

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