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PIKU – the movie

May 11, 2015

Piku : Reviews of this Shoojit Sircar directed movie , most of them in glowing terms, have already appeared everywhere, so there is really no point in writing yet another one .

I saw in the character Bhaskor [played by AB ] an exact reflection of my octagenarian father who has been checking his pulse every 4 hours and blood pressure every 24, with hardly any change since 2002 when he started doing it first . And now we have stopped asking him why ! [ Happily, he does not suffer from constipation – a theme that runs through this movie right till the end ] .

I saw in the character of Piku [ played with aplomb by DP ] a reflection of my own daughter with whom I had heated arguments during most of her unmarried life , with she always managing to win in the end . The body language which DP displays in the movie and the manner in which she delivers her dialogues once again confirms the enormous acting talent that she has .

And then Kolkata . Suddenly memories came back flashing of my few days’ stay in a big house located on the fashionable Park Street in Calcutta , as the city was then known. That was 27 years ago when my host was a rich lady who owned a big tea estate somewhere in Assam . Then she took me around the City in her Ambassador Car , with a couple of hours spent at the legendary tearoom Flurys on Park Street itself and to an airconditioned shopping Centre from where I picked up a couple of “Shantiniketan” sarees for my wife . She also took me to the movie “Shehenshah” which had just been released to full houses , starring a younger Amitabh Bachhan in the lead role . [ As I came to know through one of my contacts , she passed away 5 years ago, may her soul rest in peace ] .

[ PS: I hated the Director for a very silly dialogue mouthed by the Mausi – Moushami Chatterjee – about ladies moving around ” without a bra” ! Did he have women’s lib in mind ? ]

Go and cheer Piku . Support her and sympathise with her . Such refreshingly different movies come only once in a blue moon . And those who will not come out of the movie hall with their eyes moist can post a scanned copy of the counterfoil of their admission tickets here , and I will be happy to refund the amount cheerfully , in whichever part of the world ,incl:RMB.
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