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Drishyam . Must go and watch this edge of the seat suspense thriller.

August 2, 2015

Drishyam: One of those rare suspense thrillers in which the identity of the “murderer” of a college going student is made known at the time of the occurence of the crime itself . The story revolves around a tough IGP Meera Deshmukh [ played with aplomb by Tabu ] trying to crack the case with a local cable operator, 4th class fail Vijay Salgaocar [ Ajay Devgn – good as ever ] as the main suspect .

When towards the end of the movie it appears that the case has finally been solved , due to some brutal treatment of Vijay’s family members ,incl: his little 5 year old daughter, under the direct direction and supervision of IGP, there comes a huge twist in the tale which turns the entire story upside down .

The movie ends with some poignant dialogues with the majestic sea in the background . I have been to Goa twice before, but the Goa presented in the movie looks far more beautiful and scenic than I had presumed it to be . That itself calls for another trip to Panaji and the interiors , perhaps in 2016 as now my 2015 travel calendar is more than full.

Go and watch Drishyam – a remake of 2013 release Malayalam movie bearing the same name which starred Mohanlal in the lead role . You won’t be disappointed. 3.5/5 .


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