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The Setu School Children trip to Agra on 6 October 2016

October 7, 2016

The Group [ 17 Setu School Children belonging to XI Std and 1 Teacher ] departed   from Noida at 07.30 hrs and returned at 20.30 hours,  covering total  450 Kms. It was flagged off by Mr Sunil Sethi, newly elected President of RWA, Sector 31, Noida in the presence of several distinguished  residents of the Sector .

The trip was financially supported by several friends on the Face Book as well as close relatives,  from India as well as overseas . Trips to Adventure Parks in Aligarh and Gurgaon were arranged in the past for benefit of  the school children from underprivileged families  .

Places covered [ in that order ]

Sikandra – Emperor Akbar’s Mausoleum ,located outside the city . You need to walk a lot .

Dayalbagh – Samadhi of Radhasoami Sect founder . 112 years in the making , expected to be completed by end 2018. The intricate carvings on the marble stones amaze you no end.

Taj Mahal – One of the 7 wonders of the world. Emperor Shahjehan and his wife Begum Mumtaz Mahal are buried here . Currently undergoing scientific restoration .

Red Fort – UNESCO Heritage site , built by Emperor Shahjehan , overlooking the Tajmahal . At least 3 hours needs to be set aside for visits to Tajmahal and Red Fort .

Itmad du Daullah – also known as Baby Taj. Construction by Queen Noorjehan, wife of Emperor Jehangir in the memory of her father , Ghias Ali Beg who received the title Itmad du Daullah meaning ” Pillar of State ” .

All the members of the Group purchased famous Agra sweet “Petha” while departing .It is expected that the concerned students will write an essay on their return detailing their experiences of the 1-day trip .


Avijit Das Patnaik  Excellent Arun Ji.  Hope one day I can undertake or at least join you for one such trip.

Avijit Das Patnaik   Proud to be associated with project as noble as this. 17 school children from economically challenged families taken for an indepth historical outing of Agra by New Delhi based good friend Arun Agrawal Ji. There’s nothing better service than educating/enlightening the next generation.
Veena Bernard  Lovely pics! And so happy that kids had wonderful time!
 Veena Bernard  Priceless smiles on their faces
 Sunil Sethi, President, RWA/Sector 31,Noida     Arun Agarwal ji, Congratulations for successful Agra Trip. Well done. Keep it up RWA  Sector 31 full team aap ke saath hai.
 Manjula Sinha  Looks like you had a great trip Arun Agrawal
Kudos to you for planning and then taking these school children on a trip to Agra. 
You have widened their horizon. 
 Manjula Sinha  The picture with all of you showing the victory sign was clicked by me.
 Manjula Sinha  Umesh ji, Arunji organised this entire event …. Hats off to him .He has inspired the entire school of underprivileged children . I spoke to the teacher accompanying them. She said that the whole year round the classes were competing to avail of this opportunity during Navratras.

Vikram Bhaskar  Applaud your commitment for this, Arun. For the kids it’s a lifetime experience which they will savour and talk to their grandchildren. I’m glad to be part of it in a small way & thank you for considering reaching out .

Writes Jyotsna Srivastava, School Administrator :  “Thanks for the memorable trip “.

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  1. Proud to be part of this project.

  2. Says Aparna Sinha [ Gurgaon ] : So gud to see those happy faces with Tajmahal .

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