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The Butcher of Benares

October 19, 2016

My review of



You need a strong heart to read this ,considering the gruesome manner in which a psychopath serial killer goes about his task of eliminating foreigners and locals alike in major religious places in the holy city of Benares .

It is upto a Jat Policeman from Delhi Police , Hawa Singh, aided by a pretty FBI agent Ruby Malik [ half American, half Pakistani origin ] to crack the mystery after a painstaking effort, often putting their own lives in grave danger .

The Aghoris, the Naga Sadhus or a cannibal on loose, anyone could be the culprit and the mystery only thickens. Kashi Naresh Abhay Narayan Singh and a leading politician heading a coal mafia along with their offsprings add interesting twists and turns to the story.

During the course of the reading , several questions are raised:

a) Why is Vatican sending its staff to Varanasi engage in a research on Bhrigu Samhita  ? What indeed is the connection between Hinduism and Christianity ?

b) Do astrology and astronomy go together ?

c) What is the thousand years’ old secret that is hidden in one of the secret rooms in the huge Ramnagar Fort in which the Kashi Naresh lives ?

A book that makes an unstoppable reading . To find out the answers to the mystery , you could consider ordering this spine thriller on @ Rs 182 .

In Pics : Places where the gruesome murders took place with a stake pierced in the chests of the victims [ with a Cross on its hilt ] and their hearts dug out .

a) Dasashwamedh Ghat
b) Ramnagar Fort
c) Jantar Mantar Observatory
d) Kashi Vishwanath Temple


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