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SHIVAAY , a movie based on a totally different theme

October 31, 2016

If we believe in this equation

Shivaay = Superman+ Batman+ Spiderman + Krish

and pardon the Producer-Director [ Ajay Devgn – also as the lead actor mountaineer Shivaay ] for needlessly stretching the action scenes in the mountains in Bulgaria-Romania border and the emotional ones at the Sofia Airport towards the end , it would not after all be such a bad viewing experience as projected by the critics .


In fact, some of the scenes shot in the mountainous regions , of the avalanche and some hair raising car chase scenes are simply mind blowing . Add to that some of the poignant dialogues uttered by Girish Karnad in the brief role of an Indian Embassy staffer’s crippled father , and the acting of the pretty actress Erika Kaar who plays the supporting role of Shivaay’s live in partner in a superb manner .The movie actually revolves around Shivaay making herculean efforts to save his daughter Gaura from human traffickers in Bulgaria .


I said this in the preview before , and now I can confirm this . That the critics have rather been unfair to Ajay Devgn . For his huge effort, the movie easily deserves


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