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Movie review MOM : The movie belongs to Sridevi who reconfirms her position as a highly talented actress

July 9, 2017



The following sentences summarise this Sridevi- starrer movie [ Ref : Avijit Das Patnaik‘s excellent review here on :

“MOM will be remembered for three things. Sri Devi cruising at age 53, the shameless state of the country and how modern kids are shaping up under the weight of money – showered by parents to compensate for lack of parenting time. ”

For more, read his blog presently running as the top story on WordPress where you can read some of my Blogs as well ! .

And then I will add my own 2 cents .

Apart from the name of the movie mentioned in the review – PINK and reference to the gruesome Nirbhaya incident , I would like to add the name of the movie ANDHA KANOON and reference to the famous Nitish Katara murder case, where his mother Neelam Katara fought single handedly to bring her son Nitish’s murderers – scions of a well connected Ghaziabad based Don – to justice . Now sentenced to life imprisonment .

And I will also remember the movie for another piece of dialogue towards intermission time – uttered by Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a private detective DK in more of a comical role . “Bhagwan nahin hai, isiliye Ma hai .” I believe that it is these words that gave strength to Mom to pursue her agenda in a determined fashion post intermission .

As for Akashaye Khanna, he seems to have copied his mannerisms to a T from the movie 36 China Town where also he played the role of a Police Inspector – some 11 years ago . Time he went into retirement !


Your eyes become moist when the victim daughter utters these magical words , and movie reaches its climax . And I whisper in my wife’s ears – ” suno, agle saal yehan zaroor jana hai humko” and she nods her head in approval [ referrring to the amazing snow laden meadows in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh – the venue of last 15 minutes of the movie which revive memories of action in the dying stages of the movie Fanna with a similar landscape ] .


3.75 [ as against 3.25 awarded by Avijit ] . Go for it . You will not be disappointed .


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