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Get on board the Chennai Express for the journey of your lifetime 

Chennai Express – a completely boakwas movie – but probably that is its USP . DP outperforms SRK by a mile, and some of the locales , esp the overview of the bridge where the Express is stopped by the goons by pulling the chain, and the backdrop of the song ” tu Kashmir, main Kanyakumari” are simply stunning.  Also amazing is the sight of SRK taking DP in his arms and climbing the long stairs to a temple to “confirm his marriage” as per local tradition . SRK is no longer the Rahul of “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and is getting to the age of 50 years , yet a ride on the Express is an enjoyable experience. Get on board before it leaves the platform – I mean the theatres !

Travelled in August 2013


Shudh Desi Romance: Give it a miss .

If you are enjoying life and do not know what boredom is
like, go and see this movie with new stars on the horizon – Parineeta Chopra and
Sushant Singh Rajput, both spending most of the movie time in a dilapidated toilet
and engaging themselves in intimate scenes every now and then, for no rhyme or reason.

Only Rishi Kapoor as the caterer and fake bridegrooms” guests provider  in the role of Goyalji                                                                                       provides some comic relief .

The producer would have done well to title this movie as “ Asudh videshi romance “. A very                                                                                  disappointing offering from the famed YRF house . STAY AWAY despite some rave critic reviews .

Wasted time at a nearby theatre in August 2013 .


D Day: Notches above Ek Tha Tiger and Agent Vinod .

Must see this movie for edge of the seat thriller, especially  if you have interest in espionage and terrorism related subjects.

Irfan Khan and Arjun Rampal give outstanding performances as Indian spies in foreign territory . Shruti Hasan plays the role                             of a prostitute with aplomb But the picture actually  belongs to Most Wanted Person in India, played with elan by  Rishi Kapoor                     in the role of Iqbal Seth a.k.a. Goldman . Beautiful songs with music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy .

Not a moment of boredom, what else can you ask for ?

Enjoyed the movie on DVD in July 2013


jolly llb aw bi

Jolly LLB: See how the judicial process is manipulated in India 

Jolly LLB  faithfully represents the decandent Indian  legal  system that is often manipulated to deny                                                                           justice to those that don’t have the necessary means and connections, those that are doomed to sleep                                                                   on pavements and are run over by speeding  cars of   rich and arrogant people who could not care less .

It shows how judges are “handled” and corrupt police officers bought , how evidence is falsified/manipulated                                                             or held back by hands-in-glove investigating officers and  how  witnesses are forced into submission  and purchased .                                       Nothing and nothing but blatant use of money to derail justice . There are remarkable performances by the                                                               rich lawyer ( Boman Irani) who is successfully challenged in a PIL by a small time lawyer (Arshad Warsi) from Meerut .

But, equally, Jolly LLB wouldn’t have been half the film it is without the sterling show that Saurabh Shukla, as the                                                   all-knowing Judge Tripathi, puts up. His is a delightfully effortless performance that etches out the core of the satire.

Clearly inspired by the famous Sanjeev Nanda BMW hit and run case that also claimed the lives of 5 labourers sleeping                                     on the pavement in South Delhi several years ago  . Makes you wonder when the much needed judicial reforms will take place .

Jolly LLB is a jolly good movie. Go for it .

Watched with delight at a nearby theatre in July 2013

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